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This is something I wrote in 2007

I wanted to “refer” someone to this entry, t. And when I thought about it, I seemed to recall that I didn’t get a single response. Which now makes that it just disappeared into cyberspace.

This just a quick rant…..

Recently, I heard someone on the radio railing against laws which forbid talking on a cell-phone whole driving.

“This is another example of the “Nanny State”!”, the person railed. “If a person wants to put their lives in the danger, that’s nobody’s business but their own!’


This was coming from a person who has no telling me what drugs I may or may not take, what consenting non-related adult I may not marry, what I can see/hear or not see/hear on TV.

Further, I wondered what magical roads he thought people who talk on cell phones while driving would be traveling on.

I call them magical roads, because how else could someone put their lives in danger on them without putting the lives of other drivers in danger as well?

I do not understand the people I hear – and oddly they seem to define themselves as conservatives – who claim that people have a right to drive as fast as they want , or even drive intoxicated.

I guess these folks must think that drivers who drive recklessly, or drive Under the Influence also travel on magical roads, devoid of anyone who might suffer from the actions of people being, at the very least STUPID!!

They claim that we should allow such people to be held accountable for the actions. and not do anything to prevent the actions from happening in the first place. I suppose that’ll be a real comfort from the thousands killed and injured.

That’s fine. I agree….I’ll even agree that people have a right to be stupid, as long they don’t put my life and the lives of other relatively innocent folks in jepoardy.

These are also some of the people who seem to oppose any laws that restrict the amount of “garbage” corporations release into the air we all breathe, and the water we all drink.

I don’t what water and air these people plan on consuming, but I can’t imagine that really think that they seriously don’t understand that they are endangering, if not their own lives, the lives of their grandkids.



Live simply. Love generously.
Care deeply. Speak kindly.
Leave the rest to God.



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“I trace the rainbow through the rain and see the promise is not in vain.”

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