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In spite of what the folks who preach what is known as the “Proseperuty Gospel” – “Jesus want YOU to be RICH!! just send us money as proof of your faith” – there isn’t a single prayer recorded in the New Testament where Jesus or the Apostles ask for wealth.

In fact, in the prayer commonly known as the Lord’s Prayer Jesus taught His followers to pray “Give us this day our daily bread”..

Enough to make us grateful, but too much as to make us think we can do without God or each other. – Ninure da Hippie


Linda was on vacation, playing the slot machines. It was her first time in a casino, and she wasn’t sure how the machines operated.

“Excuse me,” she said to a casino employee. “How does this work?” The worker showed her how to insert a bill, hit the spin button, and operate the release handle.

“And where does the money come out?” she asked.

He smiled and motioned to a far wall before saying, “Usually at the ATM.”

That’s the trouble with gambling and other “get rich quick” schemes. There’s only one person getting rich, and it’s not you! The lure is strong, though. The temptation to come away with that big jackpot, to go home with your pockets full without putting forth much effort. It’s easy to see that Paul was right when he said, “Those who desire to be rich fall into temptation and a snare….” (I Tim. 6:9a)

Considering the constant temptation of money, it’s not surprising that Jesus had much to say about the subject. It is significant, though, that Jesus didn’t talk as much about what to do with our money as he talked about the right kind of attitude we ought to have toward it.

Solomon, in his pearls of wisdom contained in Proverbs, also had much to say about our attitude toward wealth. One of my favorite verses on the subject is this one:

“Give me neither poverty nor riches — Feed me with the food allotted to me; lest I be full and deny You, and say, “Who is the LORD?” Or lest I be poor and steal, and profane the name of my God.” (Prov. 30:8b-9)

May you be sufficiently blessed. But may your riches (or your desire for them) never diminish your sense of need for God.

Have a great day!

Alan Smith
Helen Street Church of Christ
Fayetteville, North Carolina


Live simply. Love generously.
Care deeply. Speak kindly.
Leave the rest to God.



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