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(This morning your favorite Hippie found herself looking for something in her files, and found this from 2006. Six years have passed, and even though the USA has managed to elect its first Black POTUS, nothing much has really changed. Certainly this Hippie was disappointed reading this as it shows how little things have really changed. – Ninure da Hippie.)

The Religious/Political Right’s Vocabulary & Phrase Book-Volume Two

April 26, 2006

By Clint Willis

“Racially balanced” as in “The Republican Party is very racially

This phrase is used during hurriedly arranged photo ops after someone
of prominence has made the insinuation to the mainstream media that the
Religious/Political right is composed of mostly rich white men.

Someone is bound to utter this phrase just as you notice that all of
the women, blacks and hispanics in the group have suddenly been pushed
up into the front row smiling proudly, not realizing that behind them
the next solid three rows are the white guys grinning for the camera
because they know that they’re really the ones in charge.

“Judeo-Christian Values”
Note Judeo always comes first.

This phrase is used often and loudly when the right-wing Christian
section is emphasizing that they have generously included Jews in their
outrage about abortion, gay rights, or tax breaks for major

Usually the next day the more extreme fundamentalists of the group give
a sermon to their followers stressing that while they love their Jewish
brothers (well, maybe just enough to get the election swung in their
favor), they must still realize that in order for Jews to get into
their heaven, they still must first accept Jesus Christ as their

Sort of how they feel about their private Golf Clubs.

“Pro-business liberal”

This one threw me the first time I saw it in print, because by rights,
according to all good conservatives, there is no such thing as a
“pro-business liberal”.

Apparently this phrase is employed to throw blame at liberal democrats
with their liberal businesses joining the liberal wing of the
Republican Party and ruining everything.

In other words, just throw the word “liberal” on anything to make it
sound bad or to assign or distract blame.

“God, America, and the flag”,

is the new holy trinity, replacing “Baseball, mom, and apple pie”.

You must worship all three equally or be branded a traitorous liberal
unchristian deviant.

“Budget Surplus”

is a phrase never used in mixed company (i.e. Republicans with

The budget surplus is what the Republican Congress proudly claimed as
theirs, not President Clinton’s, from the steps of the Capitol

In the late 90s the budget surplus was the direct result of their
“Contract with America”… well that is until GW spent it all at

Now the political right wing would rather we didn’t mention it, and if
we do, they claim it didn’t really exist anyway and was just on

“Your facts are erroneous”

is a phrase used most often when they know Democrats are speaking the
truth, but they haven’t found time to “Google or Yahoo” something
opposing from a right-wing slanted website to refute it yet.

“Knee-jerk reaction”

translates to “They’ve intelligently reacted to something important
before we did, causing us embarrassment, so we’ll dismiss it as nothing
in order to distract the public.”

The press is currently having a knee-jerk reaction to rising gas prices
at the pump, but don’t worry… soon it’ll be “old news”.

Currently President Bush is stressing that we should leave prices as
they are (no matter how high they go) and instead use conservation and
alternate fuels.

Thus we preserve “big oil’s” profit line; which should cause another
“knee jerk” reaction from the voting public.

“Some of my best friends are gay”

They live about three miles from me.

My sister’s hairdresser’s maid introduced me to a plumber who lives
next door to them, but I can’t remember his name.

He says they’re nice people.

“This is all just old news!”

translates to “The public knows this is a problem we haven’t even come
close to solving yet, even though we’ve had plenty of time to look into
it, so we’ll just declare it unimportant!”

Example, “New Orleans is old news”

“Impeding Free speech”

translates to “Not permitting right-wing political or religious
propaganda to be prominently displayed in public buildings”.

See also:

“Violating the spirit of the First Amendment”

which translates to using the “Free speech amendment” to allow such
things as homosexual pornography, cuss words on the Sopranos,
publishing books criticizing George Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Pat Robertson,
or or or even The Los Angeles Times recently suggesting that Dick
Cheney resign!, or the press’ reporting of several state legislatures
(so far Vermont, California, and Illinois) that have
recently, or are planing to, call for the House of Representitives to
prepare to look into Bush’s impeachment.

“God created dinosaur bones, but not real dinosaurs!”

Sorry, I just had to include this one after I nearly fell out of my
chair laughing when I read it in print.

A religious nut actually asserted that God created the bones, and then
put them into the ground where we could find them, to test our faith
because the actual animals never really existed!.

“I am praying for you!”

Personally I’m disgusted every time George Bush utters this phrase.

He prayed for the space shuttle astronauts safe return,

he prayed for the miners in West Virginia,

and he prayed constantly for the victims of the World Trade Center to
be rescued along with the lives of the victims of the Pentagon.

All he was doing was kissing the asses of the Political/Religious
Right, and gave false and useless comfort to the victim’s families who
believed that his important presidential prayers would somehow be paid
more attention to by God… which they weren’t

“I do not believe in basing American Policy on poll numbers”.

Unless they agree with what George is saying at the moment.

“We are on the side of the political right!”.

Apparently they don’t seem to realize that that means which side of the
aisle they sit on, and not that they’re correct all the time.


The above is from “Jesus Is Not a Republican : The Religious Right’s
War on America” by Clint Willis.

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