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(Again, I am posting something that I had originally written in 2009. It is starting to get down-right depressing how little minds have changed for the bette..)

I imagine I am going to make a lot of angry people very angry with this post.

I just hope that if I do make you angry, you’ll 1) let me know as politely as possible, and 2) that you’ll try and remember that you used to find something likeable interesting about me.


I am writing this Blog because Sunday nightI deleted someone, and unsubscribed from their Blog. It’s only the second time I’ve done that…which I suppose is not too bad for the length of time I’ve been on MySpace,

I normally don’t have a problem with being in disagreement with someone..not as long as mutual respect remains..not as long as we don’t denomize one another.

But what I saw on Sunday on this person’s Blog was a debate, caused by a photo of Barak Obama, where the most reacist, mean-spirited demoniaing rhetoric reigned unchecked.

The issue sparked by the photograh?

Is Obama unpatriotic, a friend of terrorist because he did not put his hand over his heart ti supposedly “honor the flag”.

Apparently, the owner of the Blog and his many fans felt that the answer was yes.

Never mind that a person may have a religious reason for how they choose to respond to the Flag, or say/not say the Pledge.

The consensus was, if you love this country, you’ll wave the flag and say the pledge. Otherwise you’re an eneny and scum.

When I was in the 8th grade…around 13 years old (the years was 1966) I decided I wasn’t going to say “The Pledge” anymore.

The “Republic for which it was stands” was clearly not “one nation”, it clearly was not “indivisible”..and only an idiot would say that there “was liberty and justice for all”.

I was willing to silently stand with respect as my classmates recited the flag….but I was banished to the hallway while this ceremony took place.

My feelings really have not so much changed since then, but rather grown – I love my country – I feel a surge of pride and love when I see the USA flag flying – that it is NOT proper to confuse the flag for the country, or for me to utter words that are not( yet) true.

I will admit that in the days following “9/11”., the Flag hung in the window of my room, and I wore a lapel pin on all my jackets and vests.

I removed the lapel pins and the flag from my window when it became clear that those who supported Bush’s attacks on Iraq was calling those who questioned in any fashion whatsoever “anti-American” and “terrorists”.

.The people who only a few weeks before had talked about a “united” America were saying, to me, that they and they alone defined had the right to determine what patriotism really meant…and they were doing while waving the very flag that was supposed to be the symbol of “freedom and democracy”.

To wear or display the flag now seems to mean supporting the “freedom, equality, and justice,is for some”.

SO..instead of wearing the flag, or displaying the flag, rather than mumbling the Pledge….I’d rather work for the America that I think should exist to make the words and symbol TRUTH, not just for America but for the world.


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