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My Special List

(Want to let people in your life know they are special? Try sending a postcard or e-mail to let them know that they are special. Don’t wait for a holiday or birthday. Do it NOW! – Ninure da Hippie)

“My Special List”

I have a list of folks I know all written in a book, And every now and then I go and take a look. That is when I realize these names they are a part, not of the book they’re written in, but taken from the heart. For each Name stands for someone who has crossed my path sometime, and in that meeting they have become the reason and the rhyme. Although it sounds fantastic for me to make this claim, I really am composed of each remembered name. Although you’re not aware of any special link, just knowing you, has shaped my life more than you could think. So please don’t think my greeting as just a mere routine, your name was not forgotten in between. For when I send a greeting that is addressed to you, it is because you’re on the list of folks I’m indebted to. So whether I have known you for many days or few, in some ways you have a part in shaping things I do. I am but a total of many folks I’ve met, you are a friend I would prefer never to forget.

Thank you for being my friend!


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“I trace the rainbow through the rain and see the promise is not in vain.”</i

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