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I turn to my files for something to share with you from 2007….

What is the Earth Worth to You?
Is it worth a little bit of extra effort each day?

Did you know that the U.S. throws away around 200 million tons of garbage each day?

The average American generates about 4pounds of garbage each day.

That is approximately 1,460 pounds per person per year!

We use enough cardboard each year to make a bale as big as a football field and higher than the U.S.’s tallest skyscrapers.

We throw away enough aluminum every three months to rebuild our entire commercial air fleet.

The energy saved from recycling one aluminum can will run your TV for 3 hours.

Recycling aluminum takes only 5% of the energy needed to manufacture it from raw material.

When you recycle one glass bottle, you save the amount of energy needed to light a 100 watt bulb for 4 hours.

How long does it take things to break down?

Well, tin takes 100 years, aluminum takes 500 years, and glass takes a million years.

Paper takes up as much as 50 percent of all landfill space!

The average person in North America uses 250 kg of paper each year.

If they recycled it, each person would save about 4.6 average-sized trees.

A fifteen year old tree produces only 700 grocery bags.

When 1 ton of newspaper is recycled, 3 cubic meters of landfill space is saved and 13 – 17 trees are spared!

A stack of newspaper, collected for recycling and piled one meter high, saves a 10 meter tall evergreen tree.

If lined up bumper to bumper, a string of garbage trucks hauling the nations daily waste could reach halfway to the moon.

If each one of us does our part to recycle we can make a HUGE difference.

The Earth that will exist for our grandchildren and their grandchildren is in our hands right now.

Show what the Earth is Worth to you!

Send this page to everyone you know.



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