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Hippie Poem: I see, I hear.

Something I read in another Blog sent me off on a weird tangent.

I found myself writing this thing.…part of it was a response to what I read..a few lines that I keft on the Blog as a response..sorta.

I call this a poem for lack of a better term.

I see, I hear.

I don’t understand what you said, but I think I know what you meant.


Even if I don’t agree.

It seems there’s too much background noise..its blurred my inner vision
Confused my mission.
Made moot my decision.

Yet I do see…..

Yoi wear sorrow like a towel, but the towel is too wet.

I hope its only water…and not fear,
That way you can throw it to the floor

Is this a poem?
It doesn’t rhyme
It won’t rhyme
And I am not sure I would want it to.

I’d rather give you my time.


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God is still speaking

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