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20. You’ve heard the old saying about the Camel being the ship of the desert?  WELLLLL, I’m getting seasick.

19. OK, we got gold. We got the frankincense.  We got the Myrrh. Think we should get something more practical, like diapers maybe?

18. I thought this was SUPPOSED to be a WEEKEND road trip.  Boy, is my wife ever gonna be ticked when I get home.

17. All this gazing at a star while riding a camel is making me woozy.

16. Wise men. They call us wise men.  What’s so WISE about wandering around the the desert for three years?

15. I still say it wouldn’t hurt to drop by Balthazar’s place for another visit on the way back.  That was SOME buffet!

14. 16 hours a day on a camel.  Are you sure this beats walking?

13. All in all, I’d rather be a shepherd.  All they ever do is stand around and WATCH the stars. We have to FOLLOW one.

12. Time to check the map again, I think we took a wrong turn at Amal’s house.

11. Why should I always have to be in the rear?  It’s somebody else’s turn to get sand in his face.

10. I need to stop at the Bazaar in the next town and pick up one more gift.

9. C’mon, we gotta stop and ask for directions, if we don’t this trip could take years.

8. You guys have any idea how to treat saddle sores?

7. Man, I’m starting to get a rush from this frankincense!

6. You guys ever eat camel meat?  I hear it tastes like chicken.

5. You know, I used to go to school with a girl name Beth Lehem.

4. What kind of name is Balthazar anyhow?  Phoenician?

3. Hey, do you either of you know why “MYRRH” is spelled with a “Y” instead of a “U”?

2. Okay, who forgot to give their camel a bath before we left?

1. Whaddya mean we’ll be part of history?  A year from now, nobody will have a clue why we did this.


We had cured ham for Christmas dinner. We all wondered what illness it was cured of.


People often say with pride, “I’m not interested in politics.” They might as well say, “I’m not interested in my standard of living, my health, my job, my rights, my freedoms, my future, or any future.”
    — Martha Gellhorn, writer/journalist   (1908-1998)

Live simply. Love generously.
Care deeply. Speak kindly.
Leave the rest to God.

‘God does not share his love between all of his creatures; He gives *all* of his love to *each* of His creatures!’ (Hugh of St. Victor).



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