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(Bote This is one of my Blog posts from my old MySpace bog 2007)
I was telling someone that on Sundays, my blog posts tend to be on the lighter side….usually something humorous,

He was horrified.

“How dare your disrespect the Lord’s Day like that!!”, he said with quite a bit of anger.

Well now I know I am relieved I am that I’ve never been able to accept his invitation to worship at his church!!

Why on earth are there people that think that laughter is not part of God’s marvelous creation?

A friend of mine shared the words to this hymn….which for me is a prayer that I would make fir most of “us”:

(This hymn was composed by a Saskatchewan pastor (later to become Moderator of the United Church of Canada), the Rev. Dr. Walter Farquharson, about 30 years ago. Tt is in’Voices United’, a hymnal used by the United Church of Canada,)


1. “Give to us laughter, O Source of our life.
Laughter can banish so much of our strife.
Laughter and love give us wholeness and health.
Laughter and love are the coin of true wealth.

2. Give to us laughter as sign of deep joy,
let us in laughing find Christian employ,
joining with stars and with bright northern lights,
laughing and praising and sharing delights.

3. Why do we worry that we will lose face?
Why act like king for the whole human race?
Often in family, and often with friend,
laughing at pride causes anguish to end.

4. Even in sorrow and hours of grief,
laughter with tears brings most healing relief.
God, give us laughter, and God, give us peace,
joys of your presence among us increase.”

Words: Rev. Dr. Walter Farquharson, 1974
Music: Ron Klusmeier (U.S./International Minstrel), 1974, 1995

BTW it is 624 in the ‘Voices United’, section headed ‘Renewal: Transformation’ along with such old standards as Horatio Bonar’s Victorian classic, “I Heard the Voice of Jesus Sa,”

My personal testimony: I have had many friends with life-threatening illnessness over the years tell me how that watching silly shows that really made them laugh proved to be one if the most effective “pain management ” strategies they could find.

And while I once felt guilty in doing so, I have found that doing the same in times of grief helped me move thru the process a bit more smoothly.


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