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What do I pack up and keep carrying around? How much work and energy does it take from me? – Ninure da Hippie

Just Passing Through

Mary Swander

Did you hear about the couple that was headed out west, their car loaded down with furniture and possessions? They stopped at motels and each night unloaded all their things and carried them inside. Then in the morning they packed everything up again.

Well, one morning they met a Buddhist in the unit next to them. He traveled with nothing, not even a single bag.

“Why are you packing up all your possessions?” the Buddhist asked, watching the couple squeeze things into their trunk.

“Because we’re not staying,” the couple replied. “We’re driving all the way down Route 66 to California. We’re just passing through.” Then they looked at the Buddhist and asked, “Why do you carry nothing?”

“Because I have no possessions.”

“Nothing at all?” they asked. “Why?”

“Because I’m not staying,” he said. “I’m just passing through.”

Source: The Desert Pilgrim


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