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A Challenge

Here’s a challenge, promarily directed towards those “christian” posters/leader/politians who spend so much time “standing against sin” and/or letting the worlf know who is and isn’t a “real” christian.

Your audience has never heard of Jesus, have never ever heard of the Bible, have no acess to the Bible.

You, yourself, have no acess to a Bible..

Explain now, what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is.

Explain why YOU are a Christian.

Explain why they should believe what YOU are telling them.

Keep in mind, before you do the usual “”argumentum ad hominem” (Google the term if you don’t know what that means), please keep in mind that this is a world-wide forum and that there surely many “lurkers” may have never heard the “Gospel”….

Can you answer the challenge? – Ninure da ippie

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