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How to hate effectively

(This is from my files = I really have managed to save a lot of stuff – and it seems I first read in 2001. Near as I can tell the URL at the end is still active even tho the archives for the site only go back t0 2010. Worth checking out regardless I think. – Ninure da Hippie
P.S. – as if some people really need lessons!)

(~) How to hate people effectively.

YES! YOU CAN HATE, TOO! Hating people isn’t difficult, it does no require
any skills, education or intimate knowledge of any given subject.It does not
matter which particular group, real or imagined, you belong to you belong to
or wish you belonged to, anyone can hate. Whoever you are, there’s always a
group to hate for you. The following text provides a short introduction into
the simple world of hating people.

1. Why hate?

The reason people hate other people is very varied, but below you’ll
find a few of the more common ones

– Hating people makes it easy to overshout feelings of inferiority.

– Blaming easily recognizable groups is a lot easier than accepting
that something vague and abstract as ‘the economy’ is responsable
for your financial woes and is a lot more satisfying emotionally.

– Blaming some easily recognizable group is a lot easier than taking
responsability for the state of your neighbourhood, city, country

– Your ego will thrive on feelings of superiority over the group you
wish to hate.

– You are never lost for an easy answer and have a readily available
set of abusive terms handy for every occasion. You can hate any
group for any reason.

– Having a good set of prejudices gives you an easy excuse not to
learn about some other culture or to have to delve too deep into all
kinds of social and economic problems.

– It gives you a good subject to ridicule, enforcing your feelings of

2. Who to hate?

The selection of the group to hate is not something trivial. Here’s a
short checklist.

– The object of your hatred must be easy to describe with a single
preferably monosylabic word, eventhough two sylables will do, too.

– You should have no relations whatsoever with the group you wish to
hate. If this means breaking existing relations, so be it. Preferably
you have never knowingly met any member of the group you wish to hate,
nor should any member of your direct social environment have any
contact with members of the group you wish to hate.

– The group to hate should preferably not be in a position to counter
any verbal of physical attack. Especially the presence of civilian
rights groups and/or vocal advocates is a hindrance to hating any
particular group. Preferaby the group to hate should be poor and
undereducated, or otherwise on the fringe of society.

– The group to hate should preferably not have a strong social
cohesion. If they _do_ have a strong social cohesion, try to sow
dissent amonsgt them. Always target individuals wich are usually
easy victims if you operate in a group. If the group you intend
to hate does have a strong social cohesion, this can be used in your
arsenal of prejudice (see below).

– The group you wish to hate should not have ready access to media or
vocal advocates. They should be easy to dehumanize and readily
identifiable as a group. Group membership may be derived from
particular physical traits, ethnicity, convictions, preferences or
any other criterion. The criterion should be obvious enough to define
the group you wish to hate.

– It is alway best to choose a popular group to hate. Remember, it’s
far easier to hate in groups than it is to hate alone. People should
easily be able to distinguish the object of your hatred as a separate

3. How to hate.

Eventhough it is hardly possible to archive and categorize all the
different approaches people take to hating, a few commonly occurring
themes are listed below:

– Fear. This is your primary tool. Fear can be spread easily and as
one of the great prophets of hatred allready noted. Fear of the
nearing end of civilisation is always a good one, but inventive minds
can find, and indeed have found a multitude of variants on this
theme. A large body of literature exists on which you can found these
fears, many other sources can be twisted to support the fear you wish
to spread.

– Lies. People are used to little lies, so if they hear a big lie,
they’ll think there must be at least some thruth to it. Therefore
always lie big. Always make sure to assoiciate members of the group
you wish to hate with as much atrocities, crimes and repulsive
behaviors as you can.

– Dehumanize individual members of the group you wish to hate. Deny
they have feelings, opinions, thoughts, refer to them as ‘vermin’ or
use specific terms, preferably no longer than two syllables. The
catchier the better.

– Common Responsability. This is one of the cornerstones of hatred. It
simply states than any member of the group you wish to hate is
responsable for the behavior of every other member. Remember always to
generalize and always talk about the subject of your hatred as a

– Peculiarities. If the group you wish to hate has any peculiarities,
like wearing specific garments or having a specific cuisine, make
sure to include this in your hate. This makes members of the group
you wish to hate easily distinguishable and underlines the
differences between the group you wish to hate and the group you like
to belong to.

– Avoid distinguishing between different subgroups or even
individuals except to single out prominent members for individual
treatment. Remember, its’ always them or us, black or white.

– Always rememberthat anyone who does not speak out directly against
you agrees with you.

– Always remember that a good hater starts with a little contempt.
Never miss a chance to foster the spark of contempt into the flames of
hate. Remember, it is always easier to hate in a group than it is to
hate individually.

– Always go for total submission of the group you wish to hate. Make
sure you deny them any way to organize or to educate yourself.
Remember that organisation, solidarity and education are your
principal enemies, and should be destroyed or undermined whereever
they are found.

This can be achieved in a number of ways:

* lack of education, illiteracy,
* bad language control
* social and economic deprevation,
* systematic discrimination and humiliations
* intimidation,
* violence.

Violence can be either verbal or physical, of course and inventive
minds can find many variations on the same basic theme. The object is
always the total submission of the subject of your hate.

The things you should beware of.

– Compassion. Since compassion requires understanding of the position
of individuals, it undermines the principles of shared responsability
and undermines any effort to dehumanize the group you wish to hate.

– Love. This powerful emotion has been known to swing opinions and
turn otherwise indifferent people to vehement advocates of the group
you wish to hate. Should any member of your social group happen to
fall in love with a member of the group you wish to hate, extreme
measures are called for. Remember, loving a member of the group you
wish to hate is actually preferring one of them over one of us.

– Reason. This is your principal enemy since much hate rests on
logical fallacies like undue generalisations as adherents to reason
will be quick to point out.

– Communication. Communication with members of the group you wish to
hate quickly dispells the prejudice a good hater relies on.
Preferably the group you wish to hate has no coherent way to
communicate at all, but at least contact between your social group
and the group you wish to hate is restricted.

– Vocal advocates. They will quicky tear the web of lies you rely on
to rationalize your hatred apart. Anyone more than indifferent is a
vocal advocate and should immediately be associated with the group
you wish to hate and be treated as such.

– Debate. Any organized debate requires arguments which are subject
to the scrutiny of others. This must be avoided at all costs.
Shouting, personal abuse or swamping your opponent with lies is
always a good way out of a debate. Violence (verbal or otherwise) is
always a good option.

Arsenal of Prejudice

Your arsenal of prejudice can be filled with any preculiarity, habit, or
indeed any real or perceived attribute. Just use what little imagination you
have and you can come up whith something negative about a member of the
you wish to hate. For instance:

* If the group you wish to hate has a strong social cohesion, make it
a conspiracy.

* If the group you wish to hate likes eating carrots, they are stupid
carrot-eaters, carrot-f**kers, clueless rabbits and everything else
you can come up with.

* if any member of the group you wish to hate ever rode a donkey, they
are donkey-fuckers.

The list you can come up with is endless and there are many other examples
like it to be found, especially if you choose a popular group to hate.

Keep practising these phrases until you can burp them out ithout thinking.
The latter should be avoided, since most of the prejudices are really
and will loose their charm if thought is applied.

If you red this manual carefully, never think about it. Remember Thinking is
_BAD_ since it will destroy the basic foundation of stupidity hate relies

This course was brought to you as a part of the ‘Dandelion Principle’
initiative. It has no intention of being complete and offers no more than a
practical guide to hating people. Reproduction in any form, electronic or
otherwise is strongly encouraged. For more information on the dandelion
principle, see http://www.dandelion.org

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