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Are Mormons Christian?

This article was originally posted/written in 2008 when I still had a Blog on MySpace (which got wiped out when MySpace elimninated all user’s blogs without notice.) I am posting this not to offend any of my Mormon readers if there are any (they can always leave comments which will not be censored unless they are vulgar) but because this is an issue that seems timely in light of the primaries…– Ninure da Hippie


I was talking to a dear friend of mine awhile back about my difficulty in stating my opinion on whether or not I believed Mormos were Christians.

I told him how much I hated when others looked at “us” and said “we” werne’t Christians because we placed “our “emphasis” in the Jesus “we meet in the Gospels”, on following His example, teachings, and commandments.

“We should think twice”, I said, “Before judging people who claim to follow Jesus”.

He looked at me, and asked. “So would you say people who are memebers of the KKK are Christians? They claim to follow Christ, don’t they?”

“Of course not!’

“And if somebody asked you if the KKK or Christian Identity were Christians, you wouldn’t hesitate to tell them what you thought, would you?”

I got his point.

Not everyone who claims to follow Jesus is a Christian. There are groups like the KKK and Christian Identity claim to ve Christian. And I remember years ago getting up very early in the morning to watch a TV program called the Shepherds’s Chapel, before I realized that preacher was teaching a theology that made Satan a Co-Creator with God.

When it comes to Christianity, if it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck….it just might be a wind-up toy..or something much worse.

So I will answer…..

I do not beieive Mormons are Christians. They look like Christians….they can even speak “christianese.” Without a doubt most of them are moral, ethical people just like most of us.

…..but their beliefs about Jesus, God, “our purpose” is, as a my friend put it, a kind of genetic mutation of Christianity at best.

Mormons will tell “you” the tradtitional story of Jesus, but they will not tell you – and it could be that some really don’t know – a whole lot of the theology that Mormons are supposed believe – how their theology differs from the MAJORITY of Christians denominations in the world. (and don’t get me started on that extra “Bible”!!!)

This Video may help to show some of what I mean :

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