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This is an actual Facebook post. This Hippie thought it was so good and concise that it was worth formatting and sharing as widely as possible.

So with permission of the author….

The purpose of Assistance

an answer to a Conservative on Facebook
by Justin Rosario

Joe Spennato
your views on economics are so misguided that no person alive, save yourself can cause you to see the truth. There are none so blind as those who do not wish to see. Oh, and the reason those “ebil” conservatives are against income redistribution is twofold; A: It doesn’t make the poor not poor. I happen to work in social services, everyone at my center is on section 8, welfare, food stamps, etc etc etc, yet they are still poor. Therefore the stated objective of your government program does not work. B: People have an innate and intrinsic right to the fruits of their labor, nobody is entitled to a share of your labor, nor anybody to mine. This concept stems from the fact that you own your own body, as I do mine.

Justin Rosario
A: That’s not the stated purpose of public assistance. That would be the five year old mentality of a conservative “interpretation” of what it’s for. Public assistance is to keep people from living on the streets or suffering from malnutrition or disease. These would be far more costly to society. It also provides a cushion for some to get back on their feet. Not all. Some. That would be the real world, adult purpose, not the kiddie version you believe in.

B. Feel free to give back your public education, clean air, clean water, safe food, safe medications and safe car. Avoid all public sidewalks, public streets and highways. Do not call the police or fire department. In fact, do not call 911 at all. Do not go to the hospital for treatment as most of the medicine you are familiar with was researched, in part, using government money. Do not use a GPS. Do not use the internet to respond to this. Do not use electricity. Do not use any mail carrier, they are all subsidized by tax dollars. Do not use gasoline, it’s also subsidized. Do not swim in the ocean, government regulations enforced with tax dollars keeps it clean(ish). Do not fly on an airplane. Do not ride a bicycle. Those safety standards are tax payer enforced as well. Do not enter into buildings or houses. They are all safe due to a building code enforced by tax dollars. Do not go to work. Your right to workers’ comp, vacation, sick days, minimum wage and a safe work environment are all guaranteed by taxpayer dollars. Do not own your own business. Your right to operate a business without having a larger competitor undercut your prices at a loss just to put you OUT of business is guaranteed by taxpayer dollars. Do not travel abroad. Your rights as a citizen of the US are maintained by embassies all over the world and paid for with tax dollars.

We’ll be sorry to see you leave the country and live on an island but what other choice do you have? You have an innate and intrinsic right to the fruits of your labor, nobody is entitled to a share of your labor, nor you to ours. As you can see, that means you can’t even breathe in the United States without stealing from the labor of others! Farewell on your island nation of pure freedom. But don’t expect the US military to protect you from foreign invaders. Taxpayers pay for that, too.

Love and fond wishes,
The Filthy Liberal Scum.

The commandments, “You shall not commit adultery; You shall not murder; You shall not steal; You shall not covet,” and any other commandment, are summed up in this word, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
– Romans 13:9

I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary — the evil it does is permanent.
– Mahatma Gandhi

In many parts of the world the people are searching for a solution which would link the two basic values: peace and justice. The two are like bread and salt for mankind.
– Lech Walesa
from his Nobel Lecture


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