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“Jesus and “the Christ” Are Not Exactly the Same – Fr Richard Rohr

Jesus and “the Christ”
Are Not Exactly the Same

Fr. Richard Rohr

Jesus is the microcosm; Christ is the macrocosm. There is a movement from Jesus to the Christ that you and I have to imitate and walk, as well. A lot of us have so fallen in love with the historical Jesus that we worship him as such and stop right there. We never really follow the same full journey that he made, which is the death and resurrection journey—Jesus died and Christ rose.

Unless we make the same movement that Jesus did—from his one single life to his risen and transformed state (John 12:24)—we probably don’t really understand, experientially, what we mean by the Christ—and how we are part of that deal! This is why he said, “Follow me.” The Jesus that you and I participate in and are graced by and redeemed by is the risen Jesus who has become the Christ (Acts 2:36), which is an inclusive statement about all of us and all of creation too. Stay with this startling truth in the days ahead, and it will rearrange your mind and heart, and change the way you read the entire New Testament. Paul understood this to an amazing degree, which is why he almost always talks about “Christ” and hardly ever directly quotes “Jesus.” It is rather shocking once you realize it.

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“God, I need a miracle.”

“God, I need a miracle.”

Have you ever prayed that prayer? Things were so bad that a miracle from God seemed to be the only possible solution. Maybe you got it; God heard your prayer of faith and answered in a powerful way. Maybe you didn’t; God’s answer was “No” or perhaps “I’m taking care of it another way this time.”

For years I believed that seeing something truly miraculous and amazing would surely make my faith so strong that I would never again struggle to follow God. Guess what: it doesn’t work that way.

In Exodus, God’s people marched out of Egypt after the longest series of miracles in the Bible. Trapped between the Egyptians and the sea they cried out to God and he delivered: the water piled up and they walked across on dry land while their pursuers drowned. An incredible faith-building experience, right?

Wrong. Just weeks later the Israelites were so afraid of starving that they longed for the “good old days” of slavery in Egypt when food was plentiful. The entire nation grumbled against Moses for freeing them.

Or consider Elijah the prophet, who challenged 450 prophets of Baal to a showdown. God rained down fire from heaven, proving His power, validating Elijah’s ministry, and motivating the Israelites to kill the prophets of Baal. An incredible faith-building experience, right?

Wrong. Just hours later, after standing his ground against 450 evil men, Elijah was threatened by a lone woman, Jezebel. Elijah was so frightened that he ran into the desert and kept running until he wound up 200 miles away. So much for great faith.

The link between witnessing miracles and developing a dynamic faith is tenuous at best, for one simple reason: faith is not about what you see with your eyes. Faith is about what you see with your heart. If my faith today is based on an amazing performance by God, where will I base it if God chooses not to perform tomorrow? Faith must exist in spite of God’s sometimes miraculous answers, not because of them.

If you are waiting for a miracle on which to build your faith, don’t bother. Real faith, by definition, must be based on what we cannot see. In fact, without faith already in place, you may miss the miracle altogether.

Faith may bring about miracles, but miracles rarely bring
about faith.


What makes us
special is….
the signature of God
on our lives

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