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The Right Side – a Hippie Rant

I>”..there is no right side” was some a phrase I once read in a post in another blog that I generally agreed with..the post I mean.

I agree that there can be many sides to a question..and many shades of grey…

Except when it comes to how we humans treat each other, my faith tells me that there is a right side.

So I am sharing with you the comment I left on the Blog.

Actually there is a right side…

Its the side that puts human life above profits…

the side that values human beings more than things…

The side that practices compassion, mercy, kindness, tolerance, acceptance…

The side that abhors violence,,but if violence must be used to save a life or lives:

Never hurts when holding is enough

Never maims when hurting is enough

Never kills when maiming is enough

And NEVER rejoices at the death of ANYONE.


Every 3.6 seconds a real person dies from hunger somewhere in the world!!!
Feed a hungry person today:

God is still speaking

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