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Hippie Rant: What I want for Christmas

Well there are a number of people who have been asking me these days, “What do you want for Christmas?”

This year I am truly unsure of just how I am supposed to answer that question.

A dear woman who was driving me home from church, asked “What do you want for Christmas”.

Without thinking I said. “Oh, I’d like to have anew TV an iPod, or an IMac”.

There was a strange silence..a very, very, long somewhat uncomfortable pause before I got what I had done.

“Well of course I know I am not going to get any of those things, but they’re fun to wish for!!”, I laughed.

She laughed too.

I have come to learn that among the many people I know, that they asuume because I am a Hippie, I am not in to wanting to have have material things.

I have come to learn that among most of the people I know, that expect me to say, because I am a Hippie Bleeding heart Liberal:

  • “I want World peace”
  • “I want end to poverty”
  • “I want the end of racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia”

    Alright, I do want that….but I want some THINGS. Some TOYS. Some GOODUES.

    I do, I really do.

    So if you haven’t got anybody else to buy Christmas presents for, I’m rasing my hand….

    Me…Me…Me…buy presents for me!!


    Live simply. Love generously.
    Care deeply. Speak kindly.
    Leave the rest to God.



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